Time vs. age

As we get older, it is easier to get lost in the mundane. At times, we reflect and realize we are unaware of when today happened. Or the current month. Or the first half of the year.

Time seems to speed up as we age.

It is not that we have fewer hours at our disposal. But it feels like that. And the thought of missing on things as they happen is a tough one to ponder.

Mindfulness makes us experience the entirety of the present moment. When that happens, time seems to slow down. We build the memory while enjoying. And it is the memory that will later be tied to the feeling.

As we get older, we partake in fewer moments worth remembering. We have seen and lived through most things more than once. The established routine combined with our life experience adds up to no surprises. And that equals no memories.

In the absence of things to anchor our minds to, we cannot accurately estimate the time that has passed. If we would have no memories at all, we would not know if we are thirty or fifty.

Paradoxically, it is the way we architect our life that ultimately makes it seem but a fleeting moment. The guilt and the escape are both personal and real.