The mind struggle

We are exposed to a never-ending stream of information. And as such, we sometimes, unwillingly, bite more than we can chew. It’s no wonder our minds have a hard time keeping up.

We live in a dystopia. A world where truth hardly surfaces on grounds that it is sometimes offensive. Where journalism is built on click-bait headlines as opposed to genuine information. Where people are sucked into a spiral of continuously projecting a perfect life as opposed to truthfully dealing with their own unhappiness. Where photos and speech override actions.

We are more connected than ever, yet we have never felt so alone.

It is no wonder we crave to escape. And that we collectively do by silencing ourselves into numbness.

More drugs are taken to quiet our minds than to heal our bodies. From cigarettes and alcohol to psychedelics, TV, and clubbing, choices are abundant.

But it is a fool’s game that we are playing. We are willingly choosing distractions over dealing with underlying issues. We are drifting further from our own happiness. Further from a state of calm and acceptance.

It is no easy task to feel comfortable in your own mind. Yet, I would argue, it is the single, most important skill one needs to master.

Life is a single-player game. Reality is always what one makes out of the surrounding world.

The road to happiness is paved with acceptance and incremental improvements.