The gravest threat of modernity

As noble as we deem it, the pursuit of truth is, nowadays, heavily malformed. Today’s society is more sensitive than ever. We put our feelings before evidence, thus blinding ourselves, time and time again.

It seems we have lost the appetite for truth-seeking and we are happy with compliance in a simple, pleasing state.

The gravest threat of modernity is the attempt to limit speech on grounds that it may hurt others’ feelings.

There are fewer voices left, even though truth has no feelings. We are succumbing to external peer pressure by willingly silencing ourselves and I cannot see how this will benefit anyone in the long run.

Nowadays, no matter what you say, you will offend someone. A minority, a group of sorts, an individual. Attack is right after the corner. But I say this should not matter as long as your idea is as close to the absolute truth (and thus, backed by science and data) as the human race knows it.

Beware of replacing truth with compliance and emotional comfort.

I cannot be alone in hoping we will find a way to eschew the cranks, grifters and bigots and stick to the truth-seeking, can I?