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Sharing the thoughts of a relentless mind

Thoughts are only as good as the distance they travel. Ideas are only as valuable as the number of minds they touch. There is something sublime and truly emotional in the process of sharing one’s knowledge. For both the giving and the receiving parties.

I’ve long wanted to formalise this. To put my thoughts in order and lay them down on a piece of paper. To send them into the world, to a multitude of screens, big and small alike.

This will be my attempt to do just that. I thus commit to writing recurrently (two posts per week) and sharing with whomever will want to read. With every piece, I expect nothing from you but pushback, ideas and the birth of a thought stream with valuable conversations.

I write with dual purpose.

On the one hand, I’m being selfish. Writing serves me well. It’s a cathartic process that I’ve grown to embrace. The things I write act like mental hooks to myself. Like anchors that link my mind back to certain ideas once freely floated there. It’s a way of remembering what I deem nurturing for the brain.

One the other hand, my bigger desire is that these thoughts, coming either from experience or from the process of reading books, will help others as well. I have hope they will make one stop and contemplate, even in disagreement with what one will read.

Don’t blame the outcome. Just embrace the process. There is tremendous value in thinking and being comfortable in your own mind.

Let’s do this!

Vlad Zelinschi

Vlad Zelinschi

Human. Entrepreneur. Speaker. CTO. Google Developer Expert. Advisor for https://codecamp.ro and https://ndrconf.ai.

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Sharing the thoughts of a relentless mind
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