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On signaling and mindless activism (thought exercise)

So much about today’s praised online behavior seems to be tied to signaling. Signaling is a vanity metric, designed to elevate status, or at least the perception of it.

When worrying about status, you’re playing a zero-sum game.

E.g. of signaling: what do you own, how many books you’ve read, where do you spend your holidays, what groups do you belong to, etc.

The last one is particularly interesting. Belonging is a vital and fundamental need of human nature. But people do it wrong because they’re letting the status game come in-between.

I’m bored with all the fake attachments towards already hyped stories. Everybody suddenly becomes a sworn-out Michael Jackson fan or a clear-minded environmentalist.

I understand awareness up to a certain point (and justifiable, in my humble opinion, only if strong due diligence was performed on the information ahead of spreading it), but #PrayingFor the Amazon forest doesn’t do shit. Nor does mindless sharing about how we should act, if you alone do not live up to those commitments.

If your daily actions are not consistent with your declared values, it is your values that are canceled, not your actions.

The best way to change the world is to change yourself.

Stop being a fucking hypocrite, because you’re (most likely) not doing your best to protect the environment anyway. Drop the mindless sharing on social media for the benefit of signaling and start living differently.

Action supersedes talk.

Fucking act.

Vlad Zelinschi

Vlad Zelinschi

Human. Entrepreneur. Speaker. CTO. Google Developer Expert. Advisor for https://codecamp.ro and https://ndrconf.ai.

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On signaling and mindless activism (thought exercise)
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