Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories originate from:

  1. A desperate need for certainty. Humans are meaning machines. The better or worse the thing that happened, the more powerful the instinct to deduce the reason and cause.
  2. A feeling of moral and intellectual superiority, which cements the craving for certainty.
  3. Lack of critical thinking. I have yet to meet a conspiracy theorist who can think three moves ahead on the chessboard, detect the difference between evidence and conjecture or be decent at math and statistics.
  4. Loneliness, which triggers the need for belonging and social validation.
  5. Lack of emotional intelligence. Humans are inherently bad at dealing with and understanding emotions, which is precisely what conspiracy theorizing appeals to.

If you are an avid conspiracy theorist, note that you are not bright or on the verge of illuminating the world with undiscovered truths, but damaged and a societal liability.

Stop fucking around and pull your head out of your ass.

Pretty please with sugar on top.