Be authentic, not original

You want to be authentic, not original.

Originality does not exist.

Originality is, by definition, completely new. It has no predecessor and it is entirely distinguishable from anything before.

Looking at the world, I would argue there are few, if any, original things/ideas/beliefs/etc. Everything is built on top of previous knowledge. Thus, there is no one, true, original thing in the world. We take an existing concept and we add our own flavour of thinking on top of it. This is how we build new products, write new books, develop new businesses, etc. Adding our own mark makes it authentic, not original. We slowly recycle the world's knowledge, while, at the same time, expand it little by little. But the expansion would not be possible if it weren't for an existing foundation.

We must, then, add to the world by the power of our own thinking, by being authentic in expressing oneself, no matter the domain.

Therefore, it is authenticity that one should strive for.